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why (hats)

whenever tonya exhibits her work or is interviewed, the question "why hats"? always comes up.  it's not a hard question to answer:  a love for textures, exquisite materials, rich colors, sculptural objects.  it's a love of stitching, too, in a niche industry that is both retro and modern:  millinery is an old trade with a wonderful tradition of hand-made objects; its foundation is based on a dynamic, one-on-one relationship with a client; and yet, made modern with forward-thinking ideas through the interpretation of color theory and trends.

simply:  hats can be evocative...empowering...transformative...utilitarian...individualistic...mysterious...

ask again tomorrow and tonya gross millinery will give you a different answer. 

and a totally different hat.

p.s. to mom and dad:  i really tried to have a normal job.  when you do what you love, it really isn't a "job."  it's a dream come true!


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