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how (to measure, etc)

how to measure your head and choose a hat that is right for you

i have heard many excuses from people who love hats but do not wear them. if only i had a dime for every time i have heard "i love hats but..."

" head is too big"

" head is too small"

"...i don't look good in them"

"...i buy them, then never wear them"

custom? why? because i love to make and sell hats and want to see men and women once again wearing hats every day. seriously. having a hat made for you makes all the difference.

i offer the following in defense of millinery and milliners around the globe:


#1: COUTURE FOR THE MASSES: stop shopping at stores that buy and sell mass-produced hats
- the price might be right but the fit probably is not;
- manufacturers cannot customize a shape and size for you, but i can. in any price range;
- i can work with just about any budget in an effort to get a great hat on your head. couture for the masses!

#2: KNOW THYSELF: learn more about what shapes work best for you
generally speaking: the crown of the hat should be at least the same width as your face. full-figured? choose larger hats that will suit your proportions. petite? again, stay in proportion with a smaller crown and a brim doesn't overpower you or your look. tall people can wear all types of hats, including those with very tall crowns or wide brims.

oval face: the length of face equals 1 & 1/2 times the width. you are blessed with a great canvas for just about any hat shape. revel in your fortune. round and square shaped crowns. rounded brim on the side(s) or in the back. frame the face.
round face: your face is as wide as it is long. small to medium length brim. an assymetrical tilt is good!

oblong face: your face is longer than it is wide. clean, even style and tilt. medium to wide brims should be worn straight to minimize the length of the face. horizontal silhouette, not vertical.

square face: your face is as wide as it is long with more angular shape than round. a soft, round crown with large brim will soften a square-shaped face. a round, prominent, soft crown.

heart face: you have a narrow jaw, widest at the cheekbones and/or forehead. wear hats that emphasize your eyes, not your jawline. avoid overpowering shapes. angelina, michelle pfeiffer and demi moore are in your facial demographic. lucky you.

to measure your head in inches: place a soft tape measure across the center of your forehead (about an inch above your eyebrows), wrapping the tape around your head. keep the tape parallel to the floor. think about how you want the hat to feel on your head and do not pull too tight or make the tape too loose. i like my hat a little looser and place my fingertip in when taking the measurement.

in the United State, the common hat size for women is about 22 1/2 inches.

for the gents, it's a 7 1/4 to 7 1/2.

no judgment. send us your measurement with your order! or if you are in chicago, i am happy to take this measurement for you.

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